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The Presence and Power of Jesus in Africa, Summer 2012 (Week 4)

The Presence and Power of God in Africa, Summer 2012 (Week 4)

July 16 – July 22. 2012

The beginning of the fourth week found the team getting some much needed rest. Ministry did not commence until mid-week.
Thursday at noon, the team was asked to minister at City Pentecostal; a branch of the Canadian Assembly of God denomination located in downtown Blantyre. Pastor Happy brought the message and followed with a declaration there was a woman present with pain in the area of her “womb” and someone else with head pains. Three people came forward for prayer. All 3 left having been immediately freed from pain. (The next day, the team encountered the woman (identified by name as Florence) that had suffered from abdominal pain who joyfully said that the pain was still gone and informed the team she’d suffered for 3 months prior.)
Thursday evening found the team ministering in a time of personal ministry at Champions in Christ Church where Happy pastors. The time was given specifically to prophetic ministry. With benches rearranged in a manner more conducive to small group ministry, a chair was placed in the center where called-out individuals could sit to receive prayer and prophetic messages. For nearly an hour and a half, person after person received some of the most detailed prophetic utterances Michael had ever witnessed—anywhere. According to a quote by Dr. Lanier. … This should come as no surprise since the phenomena is biblical and still accepted by many non-western cultures. In prophetic ministry, according to 1 Corinthians 14: 25, “the secrets of (a man’s) heart are disclosed; and so he will fall on his face and worship God, declaring that God is certainly among you.” NASU… Every man and woman present that received prophetic ministry testified/via video tape to the 100% accuracy of what had been spoken.
The team returned Friday to continue ministry at City Pentecostal. Like the previous day, Happy called forth several people suffering from a variety of afflictions; all of which were healed.
Saturday afternoon marked a time of outdoor evangelism in the heart of the local market. I brought the message under less than satisfactory conditions with plenty of street vendor noise and blaring music from a bar next door, but 2 men gave their lives to Christ.
Sunday morning found the team divided to minister in 2 locations. Michael ministered at Pastor Enson Sinkhonde’s Assemblies of God church for the 2 morning services where 3 notable events took place. First, Pastor Sinkhonde was in the process of training his 600 person congregation in the need and art of personal evangelism. Between services and as part of their training, many went out into the local market to witness. During the second service, the report came back that 41 individuals gave their lives to Christ. Second, following the second sermon, somewhere between 25-30 adults and children answered the altar call—more souls for the Kingdom. Finally, a young man that was about to start bible school was called out of the congregation for prophetic ministry. Many of his thoughts and situations were disclosed—matters that no human could naturally know—in the way that brought much needed encouragement for which he was truly grateful.
While Michael was ministering in Enson’s church, Tom and ministered to Happy’s congregation where I brought the message. Following the sermon, somewhere around 20-30 healings came to pass with most people professing their afflictions cured. Tom remarked that the time of healing ministry was the most powerful he’d witnessed to date. Among the healings was a man suffering from a stroke that labored in his attempts to walk; a man experiencing severe heart pain that was immediately healed; headaches; various pains; and much more. Notably, most healings resulted following very brief prayers.
Sunday afternoon, Tom proclaimed the word. Several prophetic utterances came forth and a handful of people were prayed for regarding healing needs.
Overall, the powerful events of the first 3 weeks also continued through the fourth week.

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