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Start Trip to Africa

June 17, 2003

Dear Friends.

This morning I start my trip back to Africa, as many of you know I made my firdt trip there last year. I left Phoenix on June 17, 8:30 am this morning on a 3 1/2 flight to dulles D.C. arriving at 3:23.  Now is the hard part, I leave on Ethiopian Airlines tomorrow June 18, at 10:15, that’s a 19 hour lay over in D.C. I met some wobnderful people as I am traveling across the country. I met a pastor originally from Uganda, but presently residing in Scottsdale, he said he will move to Chandler, Az soon. He was returning to his home for a visit by way of Brussels. I gave him my business card, we will contact eachother on our return.

Listen to this spiritual story. My minisrty partner Dr. Michael Lanier of Dallas Fort Worth, said when he arrived at the DFW Airport, his

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