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Mission Trip to Africa 2013

June 17, 2013

Dear Friends,

At 8:30 Phoenix time today June 17, I started my travels on my second Mission Trip to Africa. Last year my first trip I went to Ethiopia, then on to Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania. I left Phoenix at 8:30 am this morning and arrived at Dulles D.C. at 3:30 pm. My next flight is tomorrow morning to Ethiopia on Ethiopian Airlines, at 10:15 am so I will have a layover of 19 hours at Dulles. I met some wonderful people as I travel across the country. I met  a pastor who presently lives in Scottsdale, Az, but  originally from Uganda, Africa traveling back to his homeland. we will contact each other onn our return back to the U.S.

Here’s a pretty cool and spiritual story: My ministry parnter Dr. Michael Lanier of Dallas Fort Worth was traveling to meet me in D.C. for our travel to Africa. When he arrived at DFW Airport for his 10:30 am flight, he was missing his passport with $500.00 inside of it. It was pouring down raining, he Micheal called to his neighbor asking him to check his driveway to see if it was there. The neighbor found the passport and the money, Michael was concerned that he would miss his flight, he had no choice but drive the 50 minutes back home to pick up the passport. When he called United Airlines he was shocked  and blessed at the same time to find out the flight had been delayed til 2:30 pm, giving him time to meet the flight and connect to tomorrow’s once daily flight to Ethiopia, on Ethiopian Airlines on June 18, what a wonderful result.

My layover is being spent at the Dulles USO, a great place for traveling veterans. While in the computer lounge writting this blog-post, I met a veteran named Olin H. and is wife Susan H. Ironically they are from Mesa, Arizona, only minutes from me in Gilbert. Susan showed me a site on the internet to comput currency conversion, something that will help me in Africa. She also volunteered to help me with suppling needed items for the missions I support. Thank you Susan. It uis 5:30 pm, am waiting for Michael to arrive from Dallas. My next post will be from Lilongwe, Malawi, Africa on 18 or 19 June, provided I can find an internet cafe. also keep in mind I will be 6 hours ahead the westcoast and 6 ahead of the east.

Please pray for the rest of the trip.

God is Love

Marvin Harrison Hunter


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